Shop Deployment

Description: This is the default backlog for project Shop. We need a link to projects here. Attach a backlog to the project.

Create Date: 2019-11-17

UI/UX Sprint

Description: Work on product UI

Create Date: 2019-11-18


Description: The first version of MVP, minimal viable product.

Create Date: 2019-11-20


Description: The second version of MVP, minimal viable product.

Create Date: 2019-11-20

Product Roadmap

Description: Build Roadmap for the product

Create Date: 2019-11-21

Build wiki

Description: Build wiki

Create Date: 2019-11-21

Company Branding

Description: We will keep track of all tasks, associated with company branding under this backlog.

Create Date: 2019-11-22

Revenue Backlog

Description: A list of tasks, which if we implement, will generate instant revenue.

Create Date: 2019-11-22

Product Documentation

Description: Generate set of documentation, executive summary, 30 second pitch, vision statement for the brand.

Create Date: 2019-11-22


Description: We need to start partnering, e.g. agile development contractors, lean startup advocates, look for rates.

Create Date: 2019-11-27


Description: We need to work on the blog post. Content should have header and body, and should be spaced.

Create Date: 2019-12-02

Customer Development

Description: The backlog to track all customer development - lean startup initiatives

Create Date: 2019-12-11