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Create Time: 02-04-2021

Description: Bitcoin adoption, fighting with old wall street.

Question / Metrics: How would you feel if you no longer used our product?

Answer: The conversion of dollar to bitcoin can change your life, drastically.

Question / Recommendation: Have you recommended our product to anyone?

Answer: Working a lot of twitter, for adoption of bitcoin.

Question / Referrer: How did you discover our product?

Answer: From twitter, Michael Saylor among the best.

Question / Alternatives: What product would you use, if ours is not available?

Answer: Use cash and credit cards.

Question / Benefits: What are the primary benefits, using our product?

Answer: Digital wallet.

Question / Audience: What type of person would be using our product?

Answer: Anybody that wants to purchase something from digital, for example, computers and phones.

Question / Improvement: How can we improve our product to meet your needs?

Answer: Issue our own currency, converting to bitcoin.

Project: Shop Ventures Coin

Customer: One Traction

Customer Development: Shop Ventures - Digital Currency - Customer Development

User: bahmed