Agent Meeting - 11/21/2019

Description: Team meeting with up to 7-8 people on the weekly call. Joseph will demo our slide deck, as product update. Bilal to show demo. We will discuss the upcoming sprint, UX/UI. We can also utilize our current screens, from Joseph slide deck, and suggest modifications to the color, font, text, size, flow and wall paper, across the screens. As the follow up to the meeting, I created a few new projects, Company Branding, Revenue and Business Documentation. I created two new customer development flows, to track branding and revenue to gather feedback. I also created revenue and documentation sprints, so we can track our tasks. Here are a list of current tasks: This includes, vision, mission and values statement, define customer archetype, competitive analysis, revenue model and executive summary document.

Create Time: 11-18-2019

Update Time: 11-18-2019