Need Clothing for Peter Thiel Culture Archetypes - 20 - 24 years old boys - 32 waist / 32 length - ALL OF OUR WORK - BILLABLE TO PETER THIEL. Amount being settled.

Description: We need to equip people with better clothing for Miami startups and entrepreneurs. Startups is a recognized word on Google chrome. We need to talk very smart and doesn't matter if we walk. Keep in mind the mission statement of Paypal mafia, centralized vs de-centralized action items, as you travel across America. Look back at California for direction, on social media. Ignore the haters.

Duration: 1 year

Priority: 1

Project: Work Force Culture - Diversity across America / Worldwide - Education & Degree

Sprint: Shop Ventures Currency Sprint

Backlog: Shop Ventures - Currency Backlog

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